The Snow Button

"The Snow Button" is a short and quick animation I did in 2012. Most of the work are done in Blender3D, except the snow are AfterEffects particle.


I have upload the animation in both my Youtube and Vimeo channel.


The original idea of this animation is base on an artwork I did earlier. The original plan for this project was to model like what I have in the artwork, a 3 head size character without eyeball. But I decided to change it to a chibi 2 head size character.

Test Render

Below are some WIP shots showing the early stage of the model and toon shader. In later stage of the production, I felt that the head is abit too big, so I scale it down slightly.

I also did some test on render settings, playing around with different freestyle stroke setting. From LEFT to RIGHT: No outline, Thin outline, Thick outline.

Final task I did before starting the animation work was facial rig.

A quick test render to compare with the original illustration.

In this animation, the background environment will be minimal. I am hoping I can achieve a simple but stylise art style.


Vimeo The Snow Button
Youtube The Snow Button
DeviantArt Snow
DeviantArt Sepia Snow


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