Blender3D Procedural Texture Starfield

I was discussing about how to do starfield in Blender3D with some friends a while ago, and we both got idea to apply the same method on how people will usually "generate" starfield in Photoshop using procedural noise texture.


Some starfield render from the procedural texture nodes.

blender3d procedural texture starfield
blender3d procedural texture starfield

Quick Step

The main steps to create these procedural stars are
  1. Use procedural noise texture as stars.
  2. Use procedural cloud/marble as a mask to remove some of the stars.
  3. Use multiple noise texture and mask to make it more random.
  4. Use glare node or gaussian blur addictive blend mode to make the stars glow.

blender3d starfield tutorial


I have uploaded a sample blend file to blendswap. You can download the blend in this link, Procedural Texture Starfield


DeviantArt Blender3D Starfield Tutorial
Blendswap Procedural Starfield Source


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