Painting Anime Venice Scene

anime venetian view
This is a scene breakdown for collaboration artwork, "Venetian View". I share the info on Blender3D scene lighting and material colour setup, Freestyle line settings, and a bit of layers breakdown for the paint over 3D renders.

blender3d anime scene tutorial


If you are wondering, these characters are Isaac Dian, Miria Harvent and Czeslaw Meyer from Baccano! anime.

Baccano! anime


I also render and edit a depth map for this artwork and upload it to A website where you can view your 2D images with 3D perspective effect.

Baccano! anime

A comparison of before and after Photoshop paint over Blender 3D render.


A collaboration project between Lee Posey, Light Bwk and Mclelun.
  • Lee Posey – 3D models
  • Light Bwk – 3D models, Freestyle settings, Framing
  • Mclelun – Scene lighting and material colour setup, Paint over, 2D characters


DeviantArt Venetian View Tutorial
DeviantArt Venetian View
Depthy Venetian View


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