Painting Anime Suburban Scene

anime suburban dog
I always wonder on how far I had progress in digital painting. This is a repaint of my old artwork where a dog run in suburban scene.

anime suburban tutorial


Here are all the different version of this artwork. With more practise, we can just paint it directly in photoshop without the need of stock photos.

dog 2012
The first artwork I did in January 2012. To be honest, this is not even a painting but more like a collage of photos. I took a few different photos from my library, combine them together and apply filters such as paint-dub and lens blur on them. Then, color grade it with a strong sepia color.

dog 2013
Repaint in 2013. More painterly look now, but color palette are abit too desaturate and givethe cold feeling.

dog 2015
Repaint in 2015. Increase color palette saturation, but overall the scene seem to glow too much.


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  1. I really don't know how to create the bright area on the ground in 4 steps. Can you show us more clearlier ? I would be very appreciate . Thank you .


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