Hujan animation

"Hujan" a rain theme animation I did over a few weekends in 2014. It is a remake of my old rain animation which was done in 2012 to see how much I have improve since then.


Below are the final renders of Hujan animation in both Youtube and Vimeo. Enjoy!


Below are some screen captures from the final render.

3D Render

Blender3D renders that are painted over with Photoshop are use in some of the scenes. Below are some of the 3D assets used in the animation.

Blender3D Dynamic Paint

Blender3D dynamic paint feature are used in some of the scene to simulate water wet surface.


Vimeo Hujan
Youtube Hujan
Pixiv Animated Rain Scene 1
Pixiv Animated Rain Scene 2


  1. Did you model all the 3d work yourself if not, do you mind sharing them

  2. Tutorial Please :3 How to make the Rain?


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