Photoshop Brush Settings For Painting Anime Style Cloud

anime cloud photoshop brush settings
Here are the photoshop brush settings I use for painting anime style cloud. The values in the settings are not essential, you do not need to follow exactly like what I have. Just play around with it, and find one settings that you prefer most.

anime cloud default brush
No custom brush are needed, just tweak the default chalk brush from Photoshop.

Photoshop brush settings for anime cloud painting


Some artworks I did using similar method.

railway Blue Evening Football field
I have written a more detail tutorial in my anime cloud painting tutorial page.


DeviantArt Anime Cloud Brush Settings
DeviantArt Railway
DeviantArt Blue Evening
DeviantArt Football Field


  1. Amazing! This is exactly what I need to get started on making clouds. Thank you very much!


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