Anime Style Background Tutorial

Anime style background art painting tutorial and walkthrough using Photoshop. More tutorial can be found in my blog under the Tutorial tag.

Anime Cloud Tutorial

Anime Tree Tutorial

Tree Trunk Tutorial

Anime Background Tutorial

Makoto Shinkai Style Painting Tutorial

Anime Background Using Photo

Paint Over Photo

Paint Over 3D Render

Enhancing Your Anime Artwork Using Blur Filter

Photoshop Colour Grading Tutorial

Photoshop Luma Mask Tutorial

What is Shadow Color?

Anime Shadow Tutorial

Anime Photoshop Grass Painting Tutorial

Lake Reflection Tutorial

Water Reflection Tutorial

Glowing Sunset Tutorial

Painting Anime Bus Stop Scene

Landscape Painting Using Default Photoshop Brush

Photoshop Star Trail Tutorial

Creating Manga Background From Photo

Brush Creating Tutorial

Tutorial on creating your custom Photoshop and Medibang Paint Pro brush for landscape background art painting.

Creating Photoshop Star Field Brush

Creating Photoshop Aurora Northern Light Brush

Creating Photoshop Dandelion Brush

Creating Photoshop Tree Brush

Creating Photoshop Cloud Brush

Creating Photoshop Water Wave Brush

Creating Photoshop Leaves and Grass Brush

Creating Fire Alpaca and Mediabang Paint Pro Leaves and Grass Brush


  1. so awesome! thanks a lot. give you a thumb up!!

  2. Hi...this is gold...thank you soooooo much

  3. You have the best work. I'm from Costa Rica

  4. thank you so much, im also a programmer, and my hobby is painting, want to combine those pasions, gret tutorials

  5. You're so great mclelun. Thank you for your tutorials!

  6. Thank you so much for these tutorials. Best teacher I've had in years!

  7. I just want to say... Between you and Uncle Mugen's tutorials, I have learned SO much! I have saved your blog for YEARS now, and I do hope you still do tutorials every now and again! Your tutorials have seriously helped me develop my own novel, and I plan on mentioning you in the credits flow as sort of a mentor and reference artist that I, personally, strive to get even a minuscule skill from! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I personally know how tedious and long it is to make even a little tutorial, so what you have done for everyone as a whole is very appreciative!

    Deepest respects,

  8. Your art is incredible. Thank you so much for your hard work with these tutorials!

  9. i'm new here, thank you for the tutorial. I will post my progress soon hopefully. Thank you a lot


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