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I am a hybrid designer/programmer from KL, Malaysia who also happens to be color blind. I enjoys doodling, developing games and experimenting with a variety of art and design software in my spare time.

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Some stuff I did recently. More updates in my blog.

Painting Anime Tree

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Lots of peoples had been asking on how I paint anime style trees in my landscape painting. To be honest, I am still not really good in this area, but here is a simple write up on my workflow, and what I had notice from observing trees painting in anime.

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Optical Illusion Editor

Posted in Scripting and Coding | No Comments

Few weeks ago, I did a quick test on Akiyoshi’s leaf wave optical illusion by doing some simple scripting (AS3 Flash). I want to know if a rotating pattern will cause more nausea to the viewer. It turn out that the faster animation will stop the optical illusion effect. Anyway, I spend more time on the script itself over last few weeks and did this simple “optical illusion editor” which you can use the generate your own optical art.

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Blender3D Cycles Render

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Beside non photo realistic rendering (NPR), I love realistic render too. But I was always limit by my old PC processing power and I am not the type of person that would wait few hours for a render to be complete. Anyway, here are some blender3d cycles render which I did recently. Comparing these renders with the first batch of my blender cycles artwork. I think I have level up quite a bit.

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Tutorial / Walkthrough / Resource

A selection of anime style painting, blender3d tutorial. More tutorial/walkthrough are in my tutorial page.

makoto shinkai background tutorial
makoto shinkai style tutorial
anime background style tutorial
paint over 3d
paint over photo
anime tree
anime cloud smudge
anime cloud brush

blender3d freestyle anime character
blender3d anime style render settings
awesome sky painting progress log
blender3d NPR environment render settings
before and after photo paint over
evening adventure painting progress log
highway painting progress log
dog painting progress log


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