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I am a hybrid designer/programmer from KL, Malaysia who also happens to be color blind. I enjoys doodling, developing games and experimenting with a variety of art and design software in my spare time. This is my personal WEBSITE where I dump all my research and progress here.

Art Tutorial / Walkthrough

makoto shinkai background tutorial makoto shinkai style tutorial anime background style tutorial paint over 3d paint over photo using photo reference for background art painting anime cloud brush cumulus cloud cotton cloud smudge the cloud before and after photo paint over evening adventure painting progress log highway painting progress log dog painting progress log awesome sky painting progress log blender3d anime style render settings blender3d NPR render settings blender3d freestyle anime character blender3d cycles crystal blender3d procedural texture starfield vector art


Pixel Avatar Maker Cup Guessing Flash Game LG Flash Game Pipe Dream Flash Game Tower of Hanoi Flash Game Memory Flash Game Flash XML Dialog Flash Flow Game Wannabe Flash Snake Game Flash Avoid Collision Game Flappy Bird Flash Game

Latest Blog Entry

This is a follow up for my old anime cloud tutorial. Just adding one more extra step, smudge the cloud. Smudging the edge of painted cloud does add a bit to the painting, it sort of give a feeling that wind are slowly blowing the cloud.

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