Mclelun is one of those rare creatures hovering on the brink of extinction and near-fantasy in the world of programming. He is a hybrid designer/programmer who also happens to be color blind. Lun enjoys doodling, creating new characters and painting landscape art. He also love experimenting with a variety of software and creating helpful tutorials in his spare time. Lun's design work has been showcased in events as well as a few international publications.

Lun previously worked in the Malaysian games industry as one of the lead game developers for the development of an online game platform for TMNet BlueHyppo portal. He also played a key role in the design, development and deployment of an interactive TV platform for the local broadcast station, 8TV which was also licensed to overseas TV station later. He has also worked on a wide portfolio of web based games projects for local and international clients.


2017Postknight Mobile Game Released! (game art and animation)
2016Wacom Europe Twitter mention!, "Electric sky"
2015Interviewed by YourCavern, "The Art of McLelun"
2015Visual Effects for "Shadowland" (AfterEffects, Blender3D, Photoshop)
2015Visual Effects for "Beringin" Supertele, Astro FIRST.
(AfterEffects, Blender3D, Photoshop)
2014Motion Graphic for "Kelas601" Educational TV Series, Astro Tutor TV.
2014Visual Effects for "Tiang Seri" Supertele, Astro FIRST.
(AfterEffects, Blender3D)
2014Finalist of 16th TBS DigiCon 6 2014 (Malaysian Leg) for "Nobodies"
2014Winner of Best Technology for "Sunsastera" animation at Seoul Promotion Plan 2014 (Blender3D, AfterEffects)
2013"Sunsastera" project feature in Behance Motion Category 2013
2013Mention in MR:Contemporary Malaysian Success Stories.
"McLelun Lee - Designer, Programmer, Digital Artist"
2013Artwork featured in Neue Graphic website."Malaysia Urban Scene in Manga Style by McLelun"
2013Artwork featured in The New Forward "Charming Kuala Lumpur in manga-style"
2013"Nobodies" animation presented at Asian TV Forum 2013
2013"Nobodies" animation presented at Asian Animation Summit 2013
2013Winner of 2013 MDEC IPCC Animation Pitch, "Nobodies"
concept art, storyboard, AfterEffects)
20133D Artwork featured in Blender3D 2.67 Splash Screen
2012"Sunsastera" animation presented at Asian Animation Summit 2012
2012Grand Winner of 2011/2012 MDEC IPCC Animation Super Pitch, "Sunsastera"
2011Interviewed by AMANZ.MY, "Kreatiview #6 – McLelun"
2011Winner of 2011 MDEC IPCC Animation Pitch,"Sunsastera"
(AfterEffects, Photoshop, Background Art Painting, 3D Models)
2011Visual Effects for "Alauddin" TV Series pilot episode, TV Hijrah.
(Blender3D, VUE, Photoshop, AfterEffects)
2010Motion Graphic for "Cipta" Educational TV Series, Astro.
2010Comic featured in "Pipit International Creative Issue 4" artbook.
2010Artwork featured in "Vintage Tech" artbook.
20102nd place LG Interactive Casual Games Competition.
"Life's a Game".(pixel art, AS3 scripting)
2010Finalist for Mdec 2010 Kreatif Award LG Interactive Casual Games Competition.
"Life's a Game".(pixel art, AS3 scripting)
2010Virtual Science Museum. Online multiplayer virtual museum and interactive flash games.
(Lingo scripting, AS3 scripting)
2010Artwork featured in "KLDesign Week 2010" event.
2008Winner of 2008 MDEC IPCC Interactive Comic Pitch, ".LOOP"
(animation, AS2 scripting)
2008Artwork featured in "Ultimate Illustration Collection" artbook
2004-2007SMS Interactive TV Games for 8TV, Astro, Channel U.
(game art, design and AS2 scripting)
2004-2007Flash Game Development for TMNET BlueHyppo Gamezone.
(game art, design, AS2 scripting)

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