Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anime Photoshop Brush Download

free photoshop brush download
One of the most asked question I get is where to download Photoshop brush for anime background painting. So, I have compile this small list of good and free Photoshop brush which you can use for your painting.

Xongbros puffy (cumulus) cloud brush
Good brush for painting cumulus cloud. Download in Xongbros DeviantArt

xongbros cloud brush

Pixelstains cloud brush
Soft edge cloud brush for painting different type of puffy cloud. More info on how to use them and download in

pixelstains cloud anime brush

Yuumei cloud brush
Brush to paint puffy cloud and cirrus cloud, also contain a star brush in the zip. More info on how to use them and download in Yuumei DeviantArt

yuumei brush

Xongbros anime leaves brush
Leaf shape brush for painting trees and bushes. Download in Xongbros DeviantArt

xongbros anime leaf brush

Pixelstains water reflection caustic brush
Very good water caustic / reflection brush to paint water. Download in

pixelstains water caustic brush

Pixelstains stone texture brush
Good stone texture brush to add rough details on objects like wall, floor, bricks etc. Download in

pixelstains stone brush

Pixelstains pencil brush
2B, 4B and mechanical pencil for sketching artwork. Download in

pixelstains pencil brush

Soenanda pencil brush
Good collection of Mechanical Pencil, Colored Pencil, Cover Pencil, HB, B and 2B Pencil by Soenanda. Download in Soenanda DeviantArt

Soenanda pencil brush

I will update this list when I found more usefull photoshop brushes next time.


D Amerson said...

Thank you, your work is amazing

Ryan Holland said...

Maybe you can add download links to your brushes that you used for your tutorials?

mclelun said...

I used these brush and default photoshop brush