Painting Anime Raining Scene

painting anime raining scene using photoshop
This is a timelapse videos showing how I paint a raining scene with anime girl, I will be also showing you a quick tip on how to "generate" rain effects quickly in Photoshop noise and blur filter.

Raindrop Tutorial

You can easily generate raindrop using "directional/motion blur" filter on "noise" image. First, fill a layer with solid black colour and resize it to 200 percent.

rain drop tutorial
Apply monochromatic noise filter to the black layer.

rain drop tutorial
Apply motion blur filter to the noise image. Do not over blur the noise image, as we want to retain some details in it.

rain drop tutorial
Adjustting values / contrast of the blur image to bring out some raindrop more. So it give more depth to this rain drop image. Remember , you can use multiple layers of rain drop image in your artwork too!

rain drop tutorial
This is what happen if we don't resize the black layer earlier. It will have the blury artifact on top and bottom when we apply motion blur filter.

rain drop tutorial


Part 1 Ink and coloring an anime character I sketch earlier with firealpaca.

Part 2 show how I paint the background with Photoshop. There is a bit of short pause in video, because I was talking with my friend.


This is the final artwork which I have upload both in my pixiv and deviantart.

anime raining scene


DeviantArt Anime Rainy Scene
Pixiv Anime Rainy Scene
Youtube Painting Anime Rainy Scene Part 1
Youtube Painting Anime Rainy Scene Part 2


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