Blender3D Anime Style Background Art Render Settings

anime style background render setting
This is the scene breakdown for my anime japanese classroom artwork. I had include the Blender3D light setup and Freestyle settings, which you can apply to your scenes.

Photoshop brush settings for anime cloud painting


Since I wrote this scene breakdown for this 3D render, Blender3D now have include a "Sunbeam" node which you can use to generate light ray easily.

anime classroom
Some newer artwork which I render with a bit of Ambient Occlusion. The character are drawing, but everything else are straight from 3D.

anime classroom
anime classroom


DeviantArt Anime Style Environment Render Settings
DeviantArt Anime Classroom
DeviantArt Japanese Classroom Color 1
DeviantArt Japanese Classroom Color 2
Pixiv Blender3D Japanese Classroom


  1. Your works and Tutorials are Lovely!

  2. wow that's really good, i've tried making 3D backgrounds for anime in blender but never got it right,i think it's because of the textures i used, either that or the lighting, i'll try to do the same as you did here and see what kind of results i get.
    thank you for "tutorial"(ik it's a breakdown but i still learned from it).

  3. please give me an tutorial to make like your project do you have great job


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