Anime Cloud Painting Tutorial

anime cloud painting
This is a simple step by step on how we can paint anime clouds easily. It generally involve painting the shape of the clouds first. Then, smudge the outline of the clouds so it give the feeling as the cloud was drag by wind.

Quick Step

  1. Draw the shape of cloud with hard edge brush.
  2. Shade the cloud with layer transparency lock.
  3. Smudge the edge / contour of cloud

Photoshop brush settings for anime cloud painting

More info on the brush settings in my other tutorial, Anime Cloud Brush Settings which only use the default Photoshop brush.


Some artworks I did using similar method.

yellow streetlight Sunset muar
I have written a more detail tutorial in my anime cloud paintint tutorial page.


DeviantArt Anime Cloud Tutorial
DeviantArt Yellow streetlight
DeviantArt Sunset


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