Down The Rabbit Hole Comic

I was an invited to contributed two comics for an indie art magazine, "Pipit International Creative Issue 4" in 2010. My short comic "Down The Rabbit Hole" and "The White Rabbit", play with Alice and the white rabbit theme. I am not really sure if people would understand it.

Pipit international creative issue is a self funded independent art book. Fueled by passion of the team and support from our fellow members, we decided to release and publish it to promote worldwide independent talents, ranging from designers, to artists, and other creatives. Pipit creative issue showcases the best talents, interesting events, awesome projects , exhibitions and creative inspirational ideas

The White Rabbit

The white rabbit is running away from someone.

Down The Rabbit Hole

So Alice saw a white rabbit and follow it to the rabbit hole. What happened next will shocked you.

These are the printed copy with the paper bag. I follow the size given, but the artwork still went into the book folding area.


DeviantArt The White Rabbit
DeviantArt Down The Rabbit Hole


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