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Sunday, December 9, 2012

This is a follow up to my last painting tutorial for noob like us. I have found out a few things that I like to share with peoples that have great interest in making their own anime/manga.

The Artwork “Bus Stop”

bus stop
This is the finish artwork I did yesterday. It will be use as the base to cover a few area for this tutorial. If you haven’t read the first part of this tutorial, which is more detail. I suggest you to do so, as this will be a quick run through.


anime background tutorial
Start painting the sky by using the gradient tool. Touch up or refined the sky gradient with soft edge round brush. If you are not sure what color you going to use, find a few pictures for color reference.


anime background tutorial
Not the best clouds here, but a quick way to paint clouds.

Trees, Bushes

anime background tutorial

NOTE: You can use custom leaf and bush brush to get a better result.

Atmospheric Effect, Haze, Fog, Shadow

anime background tutorial
One of the area we always see in Makoto Shinkai artwork is the beautiful blue, purple, grey color everywhere.

NOTE: If you are using “screen” mode, it will result in a brighter color. Just play around with layer opacity, and different shades of blue to get a desire result.

anime background tutorial
Some time, you can just use “normal” blend mode if you dont want to play around with the settings. Like what I did here for the distance fog. Just remember to paint it in another layer so it is easier to change if you make a mistake.

Sunlight, Glow, Glare

anime background tutorial
Another thing we always see in Makoto Shinkai stuff is the glow/glare from light source.

NOTE: “add/linear dodge” mode will result in a brigther color. If will be useful in certain case.

The character

anime background tutorial
Nothing much about painting the character. But I seperate the color and shading layers so it is easier to make changes. And I use different shades/color for the shadow

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15 kind souls comment on “Anime Style Background Tutorial”

  1. TROY says:

    absolutely beautiful! i’ve often wondered about many of these tricks, you explain them clearly, and your drawing is great.

  2. mclelun says:

    I show the default brush I used in the blog post….

  3. Gabriel says:

    Hey, which brush you used?

  4. Tad says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I was looking for how to draw anime style trees and you saved me!

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  6. Kelly says:

    can you plz help me out …i want to create skies n clouds but its hard to do with mouse i don’t have graphic tablet …. :)

  7. mclelun says:

    About the line, I guess it depend on the artwork itself. adding lines do make it look more like a drawing. But I mainly add outline to man-made objects. I guess trees, bushes or any other nature stuff can be skip

  8. exoddinary says:

    Hey McLelun, this is truly amazing tutorial. I wanna ask abut the artline for your work, like the tiles as well as the railing. When do you think its necessary?

  9. Archsider Exia says:

    this is really easy to learn ,simple and looks incredible, 😀 thanQ whoever thou art.

  10. farheen says:

    i wonder to make like this

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  12. Hime says:

    Excuse me, what software did you used??

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  15. Amat says:

    Thanks for the guide man….appreciate it for you to share it over….

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