Photoshop Paint Over Photo For Anime Style Outdoor Highway Scene

paint over photo anime style urban highway scene
This is a collection of timelapse videos where I paint over photo of outdoor urban highway scene to achieve anime style background art.


The main steps to do landscape photo paint over are:
  1. Take a photo.
  2. Mask and separate objects into layers. Tutorial on using luma mask to remove background.
  3. Colour adjustment.
  4. Paint over, most of the time, just the bevel area and places that are too much detail. Tutorial on photo paint over



These are the final artworks which I have upload both in my pixiv and deviantart.

anime evening highway anime evening cityscape anime evening elevated railway anime canvas sky


DeviantArt Evening Highway
DeviantArt Evening Cityscape
DeviantArt Evening Elevated Highway
DeviantArt Canvas Sky
Youtube Painting Anime Style Evening Highway Youtube Painting Anime Style Evening Cityscape Youtube Painting Anime Style Evening Elevated Railway Youtube Painting Anime Style Canvas Sky


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