After Effects Animation Good Morning Band

good morning band after effects animation
Did this short animation of a band playing music few months ago . Character and background arts are draw using Medibang Paint Pro and Photoshop. Animation and compositing are done using After Effects.


All arts are draw using Medibang Paint Pro and export as alpha PNG.

Characters are split into different body parts and animate in After Effects using the puppet method.

A little extra detail which is not so visible in the animation. In the LED screen of the keyboard, you can see a waveform animation base on the music. This can be easily done via the "Audio Waveform" filter.


I have upload the animation in both my Youtube and Vimeo channel.


Vimeo Boss Gone Surfing
Youtube Boss Gone Surfing
Deviantart Good Morning Band GIF
Pixiv Good Morning Band Ugoira


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