Comic Using Flash Vector

This is a collection of comics I did during 2008 to 2011 using Flash vector.

It's a Trap

Do Not Feed The Animal

Mysterious Mountain

Expired Gift


Super Rubik Cube Man

Shark Fin Soup


Santa Need Help

The Incredible Iron


Wishing Lamp

Visitor From Planet Chicken

Fantastic Weekend

Fire Cracker

Virtual Pet Tamagotchi

Wash Your Hand


Visitor From Planet Plant



DeviantArt It's a Trap
DeviantArt Do Not Feed The Animal
DeviantArt Mysterious Mountain
DeviantArt Expired Gift
DeviantArt Share?
DeviantArt Super Rubik Cube Man
DeviantArt Shark Fin Soup
DeviantArt Menu
DeviantArt Santa Need Help
DeviantArt The Incredible Iron
DeviantArt Forever
DeviantArt Wishing Lamp
DeviantArt Visitor From Planet Chicken
DeviantArt Fantastic Weekend
DeviantArt Fire Cracker
DeviantArt Virtual Pet Tamagotchi
DeviantArt Wash Your Hand
DeviantArt Wash Your Hand
DeviantArt Visitor From Planet Plant
DeviantArt iBait


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