Free Font Download For Animation and Game Development

free comic font download
This is a list of free fonts, including chinese and japanese font which I had used in different projects. I guess it will be useful to share what I found so you can spend less time looking for fonts and more time own your project.

Big John and Slim Joe
Very nice simple minimalist fonts for graphic design work by Ion Lucin. "Big John" is a bold version and "Slim Joe" is a light version. Download at Ion Lucin behance.

nice minimalist font

04 Pixel Font
Over 12 free bitmap pixel fonts by Yuji Oshimoto. They are quite popular during the boom of Flash games and it is still very useful now for pixel art game developement. Download at 04 Website.

bitmap pixel font

M+ Japanese Font
Different weights of Japanese font design by Coji Morishita. Useful for graphic design, animation and games developement. Download at mplus website.

japanese font

Rounded M+ Japanese Font
Rounded version of M+ Font by MM. Download at rounded mplus website.

rounded japanese font

Wang Fonts
32 Free Traditional Chinese TrueType fonts donated by Prof. Hann-Tzong WANG in 2000 and 20004. Download at Google Code Page.

chinese font

More and Less Perfect DOS VGA
If you work on animation or games project. Sometime you will find yourself animating console text. This DOS font by LAEMEUR is perfect for this task. Download at laemeur website.

dos font
Below is a short animation I did using this text.

I was planning on a web comic project and need some simple handwriting font. Since most peoples dislike comic sans. So I made this custom font through which let you to upload an image, and convert it to TTF or OTF. Download this font at this dropbox link.

Lunism font


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