Blender3D Christmas Tree

christmas tree
Saw a nice looking blue lights christmas tree photo and decide to make a scene of christmas tree using Blender3D.


This is the final artwork. You can view the larger version in my deviantart or animated snow version in my pixiv.

christmas tree


Not really an animation, just simple snow effect and music. I have upload the animation in both my Youtube and Vimeo channel.

3D Background

Background plate was model and render with Blender3D and import into Photoshop for touch up and paint over. Top is the xray wire view, bottom is the render result from Blender3D using internal render.

christmas tree blender3d

Image below show the before and after paint over the 3D render using Photoshop

2D character

Character are 2D drawing using FireAlpaca. I am using FireAlpaca because it can produce better line/stroke than Photoshop.

christmas tree blender3d


DeviantArt christmas tree
Pixiv christmas tree
Vimeo christmas tree
Youtube christmas tree


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