Painting Evening Cloudy Sky

photoshop painting cloudy evening
Spend some time painting this cloudy evening sky. I use some free photoshop cloud brush and a custom foliage brush I made for this painting.


The whole painting process took around 55 minutes in a single afternoon.


This is the final artwork which I have upload both in my pixiv and deviantart.

painting cloudy evening

Below are some similar style artwork I did too.
evening small plant evening grass evening cumulus


Tutorial on creating custom photoshop foliage brush which detect brush direction dynamice in the following link.
How to create custom photoshop leaves and grass brush

A list of free brush that I used can be find in my photoshop brush list page.


DeviantArt Evening Cloudy Sky
Pixiv Evening Cloudy Sky
Youtube Lets Paint Evening Cloudy Sky


  1. I really love your artwork :')
    Keep going, and also post more tutorial :)


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