Before and After Paint Over 3D render

before and after paint over 3d render
Sometime I used 3D render as a base for my landscape painting, especially those involving man made structure. In this entry, I will share with you some images of before and after paint over. So you can get to know, how much painting I had done on them.

Comparison Images

Lots of comparison images below. Might take sometime to load on slow connections or PC. Refresh page if images are not load. Drag the slider to see the differences.


The more you work on the 3D render, the less you need to paint. The less you work on the 3D render, the more you need to paint.

Higher resolution of these artworks can be found in my deviantart and pixiv. I have include in all the deviantart links below. Before and after comparison slider is TwentyTwenty by Zurb Studios.


DeviantArt Modernization
DeviantArt Panoramic
DeviantArt Awesome Sky
DeviantArt Venetian View
DeviantArt Rooftop
DeviantArt Longkang Besar
DeviantArt Summer
DeviantArt Find The Cat Again
DeviantArt 60 Kilometers Per Hour
DeviantArt Seaside
DeviantArt Galaxy Railway
DeviantArt Highway Evening
DeviantArt Comic Fiesta 2014
DeviantArt Comic Fiesta 2015
DeviantArt Christmas Tree
DeviantArt LED Sign at Highway


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