Cute Cartoon Vegetable and Fruit Drawing For Charity

Cute Cartoon Fruit and Vegetable Drawing For Charity Project
Did another charity drawings of cute cartoon fruit and vegetable characters using Medibang Paint Pro. All drawings will be print and gift to children in the village.

Cartoon Drawing
Gifts and arts donated to aboriginal children. Photo credit Enaz Sa and Kopi Soh.



These are all the final artwork which will be print and donate. Cartoon Drawing Cartoon Drawing Cartoon Drawing


Youtube Cute Cartoon Cherry Drawing
Youtube Cute Cartoon Apple Drawing
Youtube Cute Cartoon Carrot Drawing


  1. Good day! I just wanted to commend you for your charity work for all those children in need! I was inspired by the art you made and made blender 3d equivalents of all your encouraging posts. I was wondering if I could get your permission to post to sketch fab and blender artists. I can also send the models to you if you provide me you email address. Hope all is well with you and I hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. Love all your anime works and super enjoyed the recent ghibli scene you made!


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