Flash AS3 Snake Game

Snake Flash Game
SNAKE is a remake of classic mobile snake game I develop in 2013 using Flash AS3. This remake also come together with some new game mode.

Snake Flash Game
I didn't spend much time on doing game art for this game. But I did manage to add in some other "game mode" for this classic game which are:

  • Classic - The game you used to play on your old nokia phone
  • Classic Extended - Classic mode with AI Snake
  • Escape From Snake - You are the apple this time, run away from the snake
  • Feed The Snake - Experimental, not a game at all

The game won't end as I didn't put in the gameover and gamewin function, although the validation is in the code. So you basically can collide with yourself or move out of the game boundary without any problem.

Snake Flash Game
Classic game mode like how we use to play on the phone.

Snake Flash Game
Classic Extended mode where you compete with AI snake for the apple.

Play The Game

You can play the Flash game in my deviantart. Snake Flash Game


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