Blender3D Procedural Anime Cloud

Blender3D Anime Cloud
I was trying to use Blender3D procedural texture to generate an anime style sky and cloud, so I can save time on painting them. The result turn out ok only but I guess it could be use as a starting point for a sky painting.

Anime Cloud

Below is the test result I have so far. You can view the bigger image in my deviantart.

blender procedural cloud

Procedural Cloud Texture

The basic idea of this is just adding a procedural cloud texture on the world/sky render. You access the world texture by clicking the world tab (globe icon) first then texture tab. Remember to add a new texture. I use procedural cloud texture, but other texture are worth testing too.

anime cloud
Then you will have the option to influence the world "blend", "horizon", "zenith up" and "zenith down" option with texture. You don't have to enable everything, I only use "Zenith Up" most of the time.

anime cloud
Play around with the texture settings. I usually play with the ramp, texture mapping size and basis (formula).

anime cloud
Also we can stack multiple textures to the sky render.

anime cloud

Sky Color

By default, we can just the sky color in the world tab.

anime cloud
But we if want to control the sky gradient more, we can use the "Blend" texture on "Horizon" to influence the sky color. Remember to set the ramp texture to blend vertical.

anime cloud
Most importantly, play around with the settings more and use color reference from anime screenshot for better result!


DeviantArt Procedural Anime Cloud


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