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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Most peoples were crazy about the Flappy Bird game last week. Although the game itself wasn’t really that original in term of gameplay and art wise, but it still manage to grab the attention of many peoples who spend countless hours playing it.

It was really an interesting game, so I spend my Saturday night trying to clone it, but with some small changes. I call my version “Trippy Bird”.

Trippy Bird

Below are some screenshots of Trippy Bird.

flappy bird clone
Menu screen, How do I insert coin in FLASH GAME?! FUUUUUU…

flappy bird clone
Just like Flappy Bird, avoid hitting the pipes, I mean imaginary pipes.

flappy bird clone
The trippy bird think it is a Mahjong.

flappy bird clone
The psychedelic effects is strong.


You can play the Flash game in the following link


If anyone is interested, here is the Flash CS4 source files. Code might not be optimized and there are some unused variables that I forgot to remove. But it is still a good starting point for your project. This source is without graphic, music and contain only the simple game logic.

Flappy Bird FLA Source (AS3) – 14KB

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25 kind souls comment on “Flappy Bird Flash Game FLA Source”

  1. This game is so much fun, great variation on the theme, actually better than the original! Thanks for this.

  2. derby says:

    Hello..its so great, but i have one question how to make play button at begining in the game

  3. reza says:

    hi, thank you for your source file!
    i publish this app for android but when i run it, game had very slow speed
    what can i do to run this game in android without any problem?

  4. Loon says:

    where can i edit the hit Area?
    if i changing the size of the stage and move the game to stage center
    bird will hit the invisible pipe?

  5. fatma says:

    How do I put voice if the square bumped into barriers ?

    THANX :)

  6. Daniel says:

    Thank you very much, sir.

  7. Miley says:

    can you please put a link to the full flash game?
    (with all the graphics and music)


  8. mclelun says:

    They are the identifier/class name for the movieclip in library.

  9. Luo Xiaodi says:

    I found at X,Y = 0,0 there are two points as _conP,_conMap.

    But how to add the points as MovieClip?

  10. Luo Xiaodi says:

    Where is the resource class as “_conP”, I use Flash CS6 and can not find it.

  11. Luo Xiaodi says:

    Where was defined the variable “_conP”?
    I did not find
    private var _conP:MovieClip

  12. Kizi 2 says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty staggering difference. I don’t make flash games for a living, but maybe I should 😉 Thanks for putting the effort into gathering that data.

  13. mclelun says:

    In my Pipe movieclip, there are two layers of other movieclip. One for the graphic, one for hittest.

    You can add the hittest movieclip in your pipe movieclip give it a _HIT name. or just change this script tmpPipe._HIT.hitTestPoint to tmpPipe.hitTestPoint

  14. Adam says:

    ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property _HIT not found on clsPipe and there is no default value.
    at frmGame/fnMoveMap()
    at frmGame/o_enterFrame()

    That’s the message I keep getting

  15. Adam says:

    Hi, I’m using this code as part of my work which I’ve credited it back to you, and hope its ok that I’m using it. I’ve managed to change the “bird” but I’m having a problem with the pipes as I can’t get them to show up on screen. Any tips?

  16. mclelun says:

    Do you mean the stage size change while the game are running? Have you try playing with the stage.stageWidth value?

  17. Peter says:

    Hey mclelun,
    Great Tutorial. Is there a way to dynamically change the game’s width? When I make the stage size width larger, the pipes aren’t correctly spaced. Perhaps there is a way to fix the 1050/350/pipeMax value based on width for correct spacing? Thank you!

  18. luis says:

    Many thanks for uploading this, really easy to understand and change, GREAT!

  19. MrPixel says:

    Hahhaaha as alwasy nice stuff Lun…

    john : check the script on document class…

  20. john says:

    i mean when i make changes on the scripts it doesn’t make any change on the game how can i link the scripts and the fla file together so i can make change on the fla file “as3bird.fla” through editing script file “frmGame.as”?? please .. thank you

  21. mclelun says:

    Just edit it like how you edit other script. If you are new to programming, then this source file wont really be useful to you.

  22. Kadir says:

    Hey mate can you please let me make an iOS version of Trippy Bird? Seriously funny mate, I love it!

    Say yes?

  23. john says:

    how can i edit it ?

  24. mclelun says:

    Because there are no script in the action-frame. The script is in the frmGame.as

  25. john says:

    hi, when i load the as3bird.fla it doesn’t show any code or actionscript on action-frame on adobe flash cs4.. can you help me with that please ?? thank you

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