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“Dog” Painting Progress Log

I was wondering how far I had progress in digital painting. So I pick up one of my old artwork and repaint it last weekend.

old painting
This is the old artwork I did in January 2012. To be honest, this is not even a painting but more like a collage of photos. I took a few different photos from my library, combine them together and apply filters such as paint-dub and lens blur on them. Then, color grade it with a strong sepia color. The painting work in this are minimal, and I would like to redo this with more painting work done on it.

new painting
And this is the result of the repaint, “dog“. Below are some of the progress images that I had saved.

painting steps

Overall, I am quite happy with the result, but was too lazy to repaint the girl on bicycle. So I end up with just a running dog.


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  1. […] another “repaint this” artwork after the “dog” artwork. This time I focus on how far I had progress in 3D paint over for anime style […]

  2. Charles says:

    Hello luv this photo I saw a picture in your gallery of just tress bushes grass and a little cat is there anyway you can do a tutorial on that picture to help me progress with my nature art.
    Thank u

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