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Painting Cotton Cloud

Saw quite a lot of dramatic cloud this few days due to the monsoon season. It inspire me to start painting some cloud. So, I went to paint this happy cotton like cumulus cloud.

cotton cloud
Below are screenshot of the progress/step. This isn’t really a full step by step tutorial, but should give you a clear view on how layering can help on painting clouds.

painting cotton cloud
1) Paint the base sky color, I choose a cyan gradient.

painting cotton cloud
2) Draw a base cloud shape. A scattering round brush would help on the smaller details. Or you can just use a custom brush.

painting cotton cloud
3) Lock the layer transparency and paint darker shade of color near the edge of cloud which slowly fade to a brighter shade in the middle. A “texture/rough” blending will work better than a smooth blending.

painting cotton cloud
4) Add another layer, draw another cloud shape which are slightly smaller than previous layer.

painting cotton cloud
5) Apply the same shading style as in step (2), dark to bright.

painting cotton cloud
6) Add another layer again and repeat the same steps.

painting cotton cloud
7) Again

painting cotton cloud
8) And again

painting cotton cloud
9) Ditto

painting cotton cloud
10) Ditto

painting cotton cloud
11) Last layer! Happy little cloud!

painting cotton cloud
12) Add another layer behind everything, paint those soft blur puffy cloud.

Result are not that bad, but a bit too detail to my liking. Probably next time, I will try to paint less texture/detail on it so it can fit into anime background better.


Steven Stahlberg’s cloud tutorial


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  1. Sonny says:

    Hey man, thanks for this :) Im curious as to what you mean by “A “texture/rough” blending will work better than a smooth blending.”

    Thank you!

  2. golf says:

    This is very good! thank you!

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