Plankton Flash Game

Monday, August 26, 2013

Just script this little flash game over the weekend. Had been always wondering if I can replicate that famous artsy flash/PS game “flow”.

Play The Game

ALthough what I have script is not yet complete, but I think I have a good result here. I will just leave it as it current state for now, and won’t be updating it.

plankton flash game

Currently, The AI just move around randomly and you take control of one of the “long” creature. You can “eat” the smaller creature and grow bigger, but not the other long creature (lazy to script for this).

You can play Plankton Flash Game in my labs page

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2 kind souls comment on “Plankton Flash Game”

  1. Aaron Wiebe says:

    Hello Lun,

    I love your jQuery Rotating Banner. I was wondering if you could include a function in the .js that would allow for jqb_vCurrent to be set manually instead of incrementing by 1 or -1. I would like to have 4 small buttons, 1 for each slide that could each call a function to set the slide to be shown (I have disabled the next/prev and pause buttons).

    I tried to do this myself but my jquery is not great.

    Thank you for your time :)

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