Blender3D Splash Screen

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Few days ago, I received good news from several peoples that my 3D artwork was chosen for Blender 2.67 splash screen. I was quite happy and surprise as there were many good submission too.

Blender3D 2.67

The submission

I submited 2 renders using my old models, this artwork with the “overweight boss” model was chosen for the splash screen.

Blender3D Splash Screen

Not so lucky with the boy model from “The Snow Button” animation.

Blender3D Splash Screen

You might ask why all the cartoon renders? This is because one of the main features release for Blender2.67 are Freestyle line renderer. You can learn more about Freestyle in the following links.

Freestyle integration into Blender
BNPR Exclusive: Freestyle Peregrination into Blender

My 3D models or renders aren’t really the best and it didn’t really show what Freestyle is capable of. So, a big thanks to everyone from, ,, Freestyle developer + documentation team especially TK and SageLightBwk for believing in my artwork.


I still have unfinished business with this overweight boss model. Always want to do a real animation with this guy. Below are some “experimental” and “test” animation I did so far. But, most of them are quick animation that are quite dumb in story line.

Henshin Hero, July 2012
This is my first 3D animation, using my first higher poly 3D model. (Modeled some super lowpoly stuff for games before this)

A Big Cat, August 2012
Model some assets for the real animation, and decide to “play” with them first.

A Very Serious Matter, March 2013
An animation with minimal animation work.

Mystical TV, April 2013
“Love is in the air” song is getting popular here, and I decide to make an animation with it.

Again, thanks everyone~

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3 kind souls comment on “Blender3D Splash Screen”

  1. readmoreall says:

    I like freestyle render , thanks

  2. Eazy says:

    Congrats Lun!

  3. reidh ( rey ) says:

    Good job. It is quite a departure from all of their past splash screens.

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