Timeline of My Adventure In Background Painting

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is nearly 3 years since I start heavily using Photoshop and Wacom tablet. I decide to go through some of the paintings to see my progress. WARNING: Lots of images. Click to view bigger image.

Adventure, 2010 May 1
Surprisingly, this “adventure” artwork mark the start of my adventure into background painting with Photoshop. I was doing vector art all the time before this.

Ubat Kuat Lelaki, 2011 September 28
Starting to look into how other peoples did their background painting. Find out that a lot of people actually use photo and 3D to guide their painting. This street lamp is a photo paint over.

I need help, 2011 October 3
More research and practice, preparing for Sunsastera project.

Random, 2011 October 10
First background plates animation testing. Read about it here in my blog, “random“.

Hello World, 2011 October 24
Concept art for Sunsastera.

2012, 2012 January 2
First painting in 2012.

Train Station, 2012 January 13
Another photo base paint over. The train is model and animate with Blender3D. You can see this scene in action in Sunsastera.

Night, 2012 February 4

Construction Crane, 2012 February 23

rain, 2012 February 27
Second background animation test. You can read more about this video here, After Effects Rain.

Sunsastera, 2012 January ~ 2012 April
Work on lots of Sunsastera’s stuff. Can be view in here, Sunsastera Environment Design. The following video is a compilation of background plates that I did.

Raging Blind People, 2012 April 11

Makoto Shinkai Art Style, 2012 September 27
Not entirely happy with my work quality on Sunsastera project. I spend more time researching on areas like trees, lights shadow, fog/haze, atmospheric effect. The clouds in this artwork also feel too “hard”.

Docking bay, 2012 October 7
Post Sunsastera project, preparing more presentation materials.

Kuala Lumpur, 2012 October 9
Another presentation material for Sunsastera.

Capture, 2012 October 11
Paint over 3D renders.

Asia Jaya Station, 2012 October 13
Wrote a brief tutorial about my workflow on background painting, since some peoples are requesting it, Makoto Shinkai Style Painting Tutorial.

Adventure 2012, 2012 October 21
Remake of my first “adventure” artwork.

Going Home, 2012 November 2

Inside a Train, 2012 November 4

Merdeka, 2012 November 4

Tornado, 2012 November 12

Bus Stop, 2012 December 8
Wrote another brief walkthrough about my artwork, Anime Style Background Tutorial.

Radio Tower, 2012 December 11

Modernization, 2012 December 15

Overpass, 2013 January 5

Part 1 Fishing, 2013 January 13

Part 2 Driftwood, 2013 January 13

Part 3 Sunset Birds, 2013 January 13

Part 4 Strange Night, 2013 January 13

Station Entrance, 2013 January 20
This look familiar isn’t it, except the old artwork is damn ugly.

Bad Weather, 2013 March 16
Stop painting in this style for a long time, until I was inspired by this bad heavy rain one day.

Blue Pylon, 2013 April 7
This was the latest painting. There will be more to come. Now scroll back up and look at the first image, notice how stupid and ugly it is. =)

You can view more of my artworks in my deviantart gallery.

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3 kind souls comment on “Timeline of My Adventure In Background Painting”

  1. mclelun says:

    Look for Blender 3D: Noob to Pro at wikibooks. that the first blender3d tutorial I start to follow

  2. Christine says:

    hi Mclelun! i absolutely love your creations, especially ones with blender3D! I’m very new to this 3D program so it was confusing for me to understand most of the functions and nodes (also the render setting and lightning and stuff). If possible, can you recommend some step by step tutorials you watched when you first use this 3D program?

  3. Cecile says:

    Very awesome to see your transformation this way. Great job! :)

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