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Sunday, January 6, 2013

I participated in the “Malaysian New Comikers Awards 2012” comic competition few months ago. The competition was organized by Malaysian Mandarin Comic Society and SAYS Youth Society. Found out about the competition quite late, and only started to work on my comic during the last week of submission. Quite chaotic, but manage to finished and submit it anyway.

The Comic

Read from LEFT to RIGHT.


I didn’t win anything, obviously due to my noob drawing and the boring story line in this 7 pages. I wish I would have enough time to work according to my original plan, where the story have more depths and darker.

Cut Content/ Original Idea

The original idea for this project is about a depressive musician/guitarist who was taking LSD drugs in the public toilet. He overdosed and end up in the “border” between hell and earth. Let call him Timmy for now, I don’t have name for him yet.

revival comic

While Timmy was busy with the drugs, someone knock the door and ask him to come out immediately. Timmy got quite mad about it, smash the door open and saw this talking fireball. Surprisingly, this fireball know Timmy very well because it is the reincarnation of Timmy’s childhood pet dog “Lucky”, which was mysteriously disappear during an accident.

revival comic

When Timmy learned that he is going to die, he actually give up and never want to revive due to his pessimistic, depressive attitude and all the bad things he face in life. Lucky would go on and reminds Timmy that he was an optimistic boy last time and will never give up so easily. But this never work and Timmy just want to die. It was until he learn that, it is not really fun to stay in the “Border” when this big monster, “Death” came.

revival comic

Confronted with “Death”, Timmy start to run. Lucky told Timmy that the monster was the main reason it was asking him to leave immediately just now. If Timmy got consume by the monster, then he will never be able to revive anymore. In order to revive himself, Timmy will have to hop through all these floating rocks and go through the exit before “Death” get him.

revival comic

Upon his revival, Timmy learn that what had happen could be real and not his hallucination due to the drug. He also slowly gain the ability to visit the “Border” easily and started to use his new found skill to help reviving other peoples.

Further into the story, he would visit to the “Border” a lot more where he try to revive a teacher who is in coma due to stroke, saving unconscious school girl who was hit by car.

But the “Border” look different each time he visit it, vary from person to person. It could be in the middle of ocean on a floating bed, inside a weird meeting room where attendees are monkeys, or inside a pacman maze. The only thing that remain the same is to run away from “Death” monster.

revival comic

A typical zero to hero story. Timmy, guide by his pet dog reincarnation, Lucky. Going everywhere to save people like a boss. In the end of the story, Timmy was no longer the pessimistic guy, we will see his progress of becoming a better person.

There are a few more areas which I think is too long to be written here.

Behind The Scene

I am not very good in drawing manga style comic. So, I have to use 3D to guide my drawing for this project. Below are two scenes which I had model with Blender3D.

revival comic

For this project, I am not using the render directly because it isn’t really that good. I have to trace over my render again in Photoshop and paint over them.

revival comic

LEFT: Blender3D. RIGHT: Photoshop.

Hopefully one day, I will have enough time and motivation to redo this project according to what I have in mind.

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