The Snow Button

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seeing that my other project “the overweight boss” is going to take a long time before I can complete it. Mostly due to the huge amounts of background assets need to be model. I start this new short animation project “The Snow Button” to see if animation can be done quickly and look good at the same time.

Concept “Boy”


The whole idea of this animation is base on an artwork I did earlier, which is a boy playing in snow. My original plan for this project was to model like what I have in the artwork, a 3 head size character without eyeball. But I decided to change it to a chibi 2 head size character which also look a bit like the art direction of Zelda Windwaker.

Blender3D “Boy”

Concept art

Image above shows the early stage of the model and testing toon shader.

Latest model

In later stage of the production, I feel that the head is abit too big, so I scale it down slightly. I also did some test on render, playing around with different freestyle stroke setting. From LEFT to RIGHT: No outline, Thin outline, Thick outline. In this project, I have go for the No outline style.

Facial rig

One of the final task I did before starting the animation work was facial rig.

Test Render

Test render

A quick test render to compare with the original illustration.


In this animation, the background environment will be minimal. I am hoping I can achieve a simple but stylise art style.

The Snow Button animation

Comments and ideas are welcome. Recommend to watch in HD at vimeo, as this SD version compression are causing some weird gradient effect.

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4 kind souls comment on “The Snow Button”

  1. […] so lucky with the boy model from “The Snow Button” […]

  2. kiien says:

    i like the music so much~ mystery feel

  3. mclelun says:

    Yes, I am aware of the problem too :)
    I probably need to animate the movement manually, instead of setting just 2 key frame only. Or maybe check if there is something like what 3DMax CAT Motion that auto generate the movement base on footstep in Blender3D

  4. shinkawa says:

    lol, when he walk. feels like he is ice skating. you might want to change the panning movement.

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