Painterly Background for Animation

Monday, October 17, 2011

I am working on a sizzle reel for an animation and it is currently on pre-production stage. In this animation, our team will be using 3D for characters and 2D for background. The main reason we choose 2D for background is to save production time through cutting down the time spend on modelling and texturing 3D environment. But this is not a simple task as my experience on painting are not that great either.

I have look into a few animations on how their 2D environment is done. Most notably Makoto Shinkai’s amazing work. According to “The Making of 5 Centimeters Per Second” booklet from the DVD, Makoto Shinkai’s team actually went around to take photo and paint on top of it with color scheme pick by Makoto Shinkai himself.

I had done a few test using similar method to see how the background art will look like. Some look good, some look bad.

Street Light
The first test I did is not that bad. I also added a subtle outline on the street light to give it a more anime feel. The street light and sky were also separate in different layers, so it can be animate easily later.

KL Sentral
I went a bit adventurous on the second painting by changing the color scheme. It didn’t end up that great as it seem too monotone and weird.

Plaza Damas
For the third test, I just color pick the original colors from the photo and paint over it. Then, replaced the dark sky from the photo with a nice sunset color. In my view, this definitely look better than if I would pick my own color.

Overall, I think my painting is still lack of some details. And I need to find a way to blend the 3D characters into the 2D environment later. I had done more paintings and composite them into a video. Enjoy.

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6 kind souls comment on “Painterly Background for Animation”

  1. Adel says:

    hey do you have a tutorial for painting glass makoto shinkai style? :>

  2. mclelun says:

    The rain and snow are just default AE plugin

  3. Oeasis says:

    I love how you did this, could you please explain how you made the rain and snow effects though

  4. lyn says:

    Your works are amazing. And the techniques too. You may have/should have a studio to publish anime. come to country like vietnam (my country) or thai, and open studio. Lots of youngsters love anime, love drawing with full of ideas but lack sensei of super techniques like you. :)

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  6. terence says:

    this is cool man. its inspired me. Your tutorial give me more furture to learn. Thanks a lot!!

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